The idea of employing cell for treatment of the diseases in Medical Sciences University of Tabriz was first inspired in the year 2000. Dr. Fatemeh Majidi ,the deceased, was one of the leading scientists in the field at the region. After starting activity of Alzahra Hospital Infertility Center in 1958, her attempts gave result and cell therapy started and continued in the center. With identification of stem cells potentials, new fields of cell application appeared in disease treatment. Hence, a group of colleagues who were interested in the field (such as Dr. Rashidi, Dr. Soleimani, Dr. Nouri, Dr. Movasaghpour, Dr. Gorjani and Dr. Roshangar) gathered together. They founded stem cells research center of the university in 2001 in order to institutionalize characterization, isolation and stem cells application and lead the physicians, students and practitioners to the development and growth path of cell therapy through  introducing such a new science. In the first two years of the Stem Cells Research Center activity, most of the attempts were in line with stem cells researches, scientific sessions, lectures, workshops, … with clinical training groups. In the year 2010, four target groups of skin, bone and cartilage, tooth and heart were determined and four clinical-basic science teams were formed in line with it. Active presence of clinical colleagues along with basic researchers made it, gradually, more necessary produce cell and cellular products in order to meet therapeutic and research needs.  Hence, making a clean room became necessary. In the scientific planning gap between the years 2005-2013 in the universities, no conditions were provided to take such necessary steps. Hence, in winter of the year 2011 Dr. Pezeshkian who was delegation of the Health and Treatment Commission in the 2012 Budget Joint Commission, was asked to assist the colleagues in the field. Dedication of 5 billion Rials budget for establishment of clean room, provided the   conditions to start such a new movement.